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Volunteering Opportunities for Refugees

Have you been in Germany for a while and would like to volunteer yourself? Can you imagine supporting people who have just arrived in Munich? 

For people who are completely new here, it is often very helpful to talk to persons who have already gone through the same or a similar process and have been living in Munich for a while. They are often better able to explain processes and corelations and understand the challenges of the early days. 


What does the mentoring programme look like?
As a mentor, you are the contact between the person you are supporting and their social surroundings. The mentors are matched individually with the person requiring support according to their interests, abilities, and possibilities.


Preparation for the mentoring programme

In preparation for becoming a mentor, we offer a workshop together with the project "Gemeinsam Aktiv" in which you will receive detailed information about the mentoring programme, other opportunities to get involved with the Munich Refugee Council and basic knowledge about the topics of flight, asylum, and resettlement.

Participation in the information event is a prerequisite for becoming a mentor. The event takes place online in the evening and lasts approx. 2 hours.

After the information event, the mentors are individually matched with people according to their interests, skills, and possibilities. They are connected to safe ways and receive support with questions or problems. No financial liabilities are incurred.


Interested in becoming a mentor?

Then simply send us an email to or use the contact form.


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