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About what we do

safe ways covers the following areas of responsibility:

  • Preparation and coordination of entry and arrival of people who come to Munich through humanitarian admission programmes

  • Support for refugees after their arrival

  • Comprehensive counselling on family reunification and support during the correspondent procedure

  • Political work with governments and authorities on a local and a federal level. 

  • Documentation of the procedures of admission programmes

  • Training and networking with other host municipalities on the topic of safe access routes and the admission process

  • Public relations work

safe ways is a point of contact for refugees entering the country through the different admission programmes as well as for volunteers, municipalities and political decision-makers working in this field. 


safe ways offers regular consultation for refugees, if desired with interpreter (for more information, please see here).


Our aim is to support people who have come to Germany through one of the various admission programmes with their first steps after arrival, to raise public awareness for this group and to establish reliable reception structures - both in the municipality and nationwide. Adequate assistance and counselling for the people admitted must be ensured all over the country.


The project is strongly committed to improving admission structures in Germany. A regular exchange with all stakeholders involved serves to draw attention to individual cases, sensitises the authorities for problems and seeks alternative solutions that can ensure an improved admission process. We offer regular trainings for migration advisors working in this area. If you are interested or require any further information, please contact us at 


Resettlement and other complementary pathways represent a permanent and safe solution for refugees. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide reliable and competent points of contact for people directly upon arrival, in order to guarantee a smooth arrival as well as access to rights and benefits. In most cases, the people who come through a humanitarian admission programme are particularly vulnerable in some aspect. Specialist advice centres are thus indispensable, particularly regarding legal advice and support with psychological and medical needs.

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